Funk college is Alternative Education strongly rooted in the concepts of:

  • work internships
  • Low Cost or Free School
  • No Loans - no economic slavery
  • Work during education - internships, cooperative education
  • work internships
  • pay for school by working for the school or working in one of our companies after school
  • sustainable education
  • real knowledge not just credits and general eduation requirements
  • Real subjects= real education: funk theory, farming - permaculture, using plants and natural methods for insect , building, organic health education, local economics, tonics, herbal medicine, alternative energy - Funk College, wind, hydro and has a Radical Alternative Sustainable Education, music, street music, busking, juggling, usable art skills - not only do you learn how to make art but you learn how to make a living with art, Graphic Design, Accounting,

    Why does conventional college suck?

    Hoping that you will become a scientist, a laywer, or my favorite a computer programmer you turn to college. There you find out about alternative energy, how to be open minded, conserving energy, growing food, music, funky lifestyle, how to get a job in your field and that is all done outside of the classroom. Why? Because most colleges suck. You pay and pay for what? You go in debt for what? Just so when you get out you have 6 months to find a job until you have to start paying back you loans. Great!

    While you search for that job in your field you find out some key concepts:

    1. The education you have recieved was shit. The education you received was very general and you paid a whole bunch of money. Maybe your education was ok, but it did not teach you the real knowledge to put on your resume to get hired. In other words you never had a specific class on what is in the field and find out it wasn't calculus III.

    2. Oh and those good jobs, can't get them without experience. But how were you to get experience if they won't hire you because you don't have any. (don't forget this point it is probably one of the basis of the Funk College)

    But what happened?


    Here is a prime example of all this.

    Computer Science degree. Never once did they have a class in business or running a business, nor a class in the real programming languages that are being used in the field. You may have learned a language very well but that language is not used in real life. What a shame. Then people like to say well then you just have to learn it on your own. Well fuck, why did I just pay all of the money, for you to tell me I need to learn it on my own. Nice! I could have just learned on my own. Why did I have to pay your system $30,000.00 and be in debt for 10-20years? That just does not make sense. I wish someone could have told me in High School or I wish there was an alternative.

    Why do we have the Funk College?.

    Because convential college is no good.

    What makes Funk College good then?

    Well let me start it from the top and I am going to address specific negatives and show the solutions.

    Funk College Theory:

    We are an alternative education. First and formost, general eductation is there but it is not required. We are going to teach you what you need to know in order to survive. And remember survivial means many things right now. You can survive by making your own food, water, shelter and energy. You can also survive by learning the necessary business skills to support your business and get a job when you leave us. Experience is wisdom. You will leave with experience and that is guaranteed.

    You begin by choosing what subject gives you the most interest. We may not be able to provide you with a philosopy degree, but the philosopy edcuation that you gain through studying, lets say, business will help you to go in the right direction when you do start your business.

    As you learn from professors that have real knowedge in their fields you will also be gaining knowledge on the ins and outs of making money in that field.

    For example a Funk College art student will have classes in selling art, creating art for media, grafic design, website design and other topics in which art can be useful in the real word. Believe me there are many.

    Your senior year you will have an unpaid intership with one of the CFS (conscious, fair, sustainable) companies on our sister website cfscertified.com. There you will learn in the field exactly how a business is run. You will gain experience and you will be paying for your school all at the same time. Eventually you will get the choice if you choose to stay with a CFS company and help train another intern.

    Funk College is very complicated to explain, as you can see through my inital attempts. But everything that I talk about sort of adds up to the need for alternative college.

    More to come....


    Interested in seeing where this goes? Email me.


    What is the point of Funk College?


    Who is part of Funk College?

    How does CFS play a part?

    Why is it called the Funk College?


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